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fan-reader Reading Club

fan-reader is established as an online reading club whose mission is the development and promotion of reading. To accomplish our mission we offer readers various challenges which aim to make children acquire the habit of reading, passion for books, practice reading comprehension and share a new vocabulary; all within a friendly, playful, cultural and artistic space.


Fan-Reader is designed to get kids reading. We track their progress and provide them a forum to discuss the books as they go. By engaging in discussions with their friends online, kids deepen their understanding.

fan-reader works in a community (school, gropus, library, company, neighborhood), first we need to create a community name and then all members can register to that community, send us your data for more information



What can you do inside the fan-reader community?

Take part in activities and reading challenges. Make reading a habit.

Register the books you read at school and at home. Share your comments.

Share comments about your favorite books and all of the reading activities in your community.

Review the statistics on most-read books and the progress made by your community.

Visit a library, museum, art gallery or bookstore, and tell us about the treasures you encountered.

Create, imagine and write a story. Recite a poem, rhyme, song, or a tongue twister.

Accept the daily reading challenge, because reading is amazing!


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